Single Premium Income Annuities, Variable Immediate Annuity taxation

Single Premium Income


Benefits Single Premium Income Annuities

Steady income to meet your schedule

The Single Premium Income Annuity serves many needs because of its flexibility. The flexibility of a Single Premium Income Annuity offers the prospect to design expense schedule that meets individual income needs.  By maximize the amount offer, this explanation helps avoid the need to live on a lesser income than necessary.

The income agenda can be planned for individual requirements according to exact financial requirements.  The sum of payments may be either a fixed payout or include a pre-determine fees of living adjustment planned to meet both future and present requirements.

The agreement of lifetime income makes Single Premium Income Annuity an outstanding alternative to fixed pension plan investments, which are focus to stock market instability.

Single Premium Income With Tax Benefits

Single income tax management of the schedule income is an additional advantage of the Flexible Premium Immediate Annuity. A part of income for monthly expanse you receive from a Single Premium Annuity Income is measured a principal return and is exclude from income taxes.

Single Premium Immediate Income

A Single Premium Annuity Income offers:-

    Flexible Income management
    A guaranteed income return with no risk of investment
    Guaranteed monetary stability
    Flexible Premium Immediate Annuity Taxation
    Guaranteed fixed return with periodic income or fix life time periodic income
    Guaranteed Retirement income and life time retirement benefits
    Variable Premium Annuity Benefits

A Long term flexible income choices for our future needs

A single premium income annuity provides flexible income payout options, which comprising of:-

    Fixed Period Income Choice - You decide how long you want income for your need and all income you receive most reported to you.
    Flexibility on time and money you need - You have a choice or you decide how much you want financial need to be and also calculation of how last the payments you get.
    Flexibility or choice of equal payouts - By this option, periodic equal payments are made for you throughout lifetime or beneficiary life for a guaranteed period income.
   Flexibility of income Refund to beneficiary - Under this choice you decide or settlement to receive a life earnings; but if you do not live a long enough to get all your premiums reverse, it will be refunded to your nominee or beneficiary.
    Joint survival benefits limit- This payout decision provides payments for the lives of two generation and can also be get return for certain options.

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