How to sell your Structured Settlement Payments?

About selling structured settlement payments

Selling Structured Settlement Payments


Structured settlement incomes are an excellent option for people who are reward money in a personal injury proceedings. It is because they are tax-free and security income ultimately. These structured settlement contracts are however they won’t permit for  amend if one day you have need for a regular payment then in some cases , many structured settlement payees choose to sell their annuity in exchange for a big amount.

Some reasons are there for a person or family who wants to sell their structured settlement payments, including:

    Paying Off liabilities.
    Financial support for an Education
    Buying a home
    House Renovations
    Starting a new Business
    Paying Taxes

 1 – Decide to Sell Your Structured Settlement Annuity

If you need some financial need to make a significant purchase which improves your life, selling your structured settlement payments then it should be a right choice for you and your family. This is your legal right, with the court process which establish your reason for selling before the process because a judge must agree your way of thinking and find out the best option.

2 – When to Submit the Structured Settlement Payments Selling Application

After you complete the paperwork, the lawyers will file in the court and the court will review the documents and set a hearing date within 4 to 6 weeks.

3 – When you Get Your Cash?

Once the court re-evaluate and agree to pass the transaction and a final court order is received, then you receive your money within 3 to 4 days. Settlement Funding offers disbursement via cheque or by some electronic transfer system.

Getting Advice from A Lawyer or Accountant

 Settlement support makes selling a structured settlement payment is easy, but the process works legally. For this reason, we always recommend the customers first discussed with their lawyers before moving to sell. If you have a personal tax expert, you can take advice from these experts.

We understand your personal financial needs may change over time, so Settlement Funding is offering you the best options which fit your financial needs, including pay for a part of your entire income for a lump sum of amount. If you’ve discussed to your lawyer or accountant and think for selling your structured settlement payments, so here is the solution.
 The settlement funding provides free purchases competitive rates, with cash advances within 3 days and makes it permissible.

Duration of Time Required

Set the mind that the duration is approximate; each state law governing to sell the structured settlement payments is different which will affect the duration of time for complete a transaction.

Settlement Funding

 Settlement Funding can provide customers lump sum money in advance for exchange for selling structured settlement payments in company. Customers also contact us for further information on customized cash opportunity to fulfil their financial needs.

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